You will need
  • A4 sheet, pen, computer.
Before you make a claim, gather evidence of negligent performance by the Agency of the clauses of the contract. It can be pictures, receipts, checks, certificates, price-sheet on the letterhead of the hotel about the cost of the hotel rooms.
Claim to write in two copies, one is you, another defendant. According to article 10 of the law "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation" the claim give to the tour operator in writing, within twenty days from the date of expiration of the agreement. To consider it must, within 10 days after receipt.
To start write, who addressed the claim, for example, the Director General, the Director of the company. Specify name of Respondent, address and phone. Next, write your address, phone number, name.
In the text of the claim must specify the nature of the case, i.e. what you specifically did not like the firm. Specify that were originally booked, then what in the end offered. List the employees who poorly perform their duties, as well as those who tried to help you. Refer to the applicable laws, which contradict the actions of the company and its employees.
After explaining all circumstances, continue to requirements. Usually claim they start after the word PLEASE. For example, to pay the amount of property damage and the requirement to compensate moral damages. According to article 6 of the Federal law "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation" in cases of breach of contract by a travel Agency or tour operator, the tourist is entitled to compensation for moral harm and damages.
Sign the claim and date of its presentation to the travel Agency. Make sure that the claim was registered in the journal of documentation. In the absence of a journal will receive a receipt from the person accepting the claim. A receipt is issued on the copy of the claim must contain the name of the person, his signature, title and date. If a claim will not be accepted for consideration, submit the claim to the court.