The legal consequences of gossip

Spreading rumors and gossip is a phenomenon that occurs in my life often enough. People who do this can and should be punished. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, in the Criminal code there is article 129, which provides for legal punishment for people slandering anyone. If you have evidence that this or that citizen really has spread about you about damaging information, you can file a claim in court.
However, as a rule, to prove such an act can be difficult.

How to get revenge on the man for gossip, lies and rumours

If the person is famous for the love to the dissolution of gossip and rumors, not only can you go to court, but also to come up with a fair punishment.
Just remember that the punishment of the offender should not go beyond the law.

Use against the offender's own gun. Tell your friend that trusted this man, and he not only betrayed you and told someone your secrets, but remember to embellish and to turn. Surely after such information people will begin to avoid contact with the gossip, the fear of being in such an unpleasant situation.

Another way of punishment for gossip - committing petty mischief. If you know where a person lives, his exact address and call any flowers or food and make a reservation in his name. Let this order will be released at a fairly decent sum of money. Of course, your abuser is not going to pay, but spoiled the mood is guaranteed.

In addition, if gossip spreads your girl friend, and she has a husband, you can use a flower delivery. Send her a gift and ask the courier to do the caption: "Thank you for a wonderful night. With love, Igor." Jealousy and scandal in the family, most likely, not be avoided.

If your abuser was a married man, podhodite the time when he will be with his wife or sweetheart, and start writing him messages of an intimate nature. This method has unconditional effects.

The most important thing that you should do - after some time hint the gossip that all the trouble happening in his life is a result of his love for spreading false and defamatory information about other people.