To recognize a hypocrite

To achieve its goal, the rogue can use all his cunning. Sometimes these people are students of human psychology, or instinctively feel, who's in his entourage can give up the slack. Hypocrites lie, playing on the feelings of others and weave.

To catch a sneaky person in a lie can be, if you compare the facts, to analyze what he says. Most likely, this unscrupulous individual somewhere will make a mistake. Only seasoned liar will endlessly be led by the nose for their own benefit. Observe facial expressions and gestures of a man who does not inspire you trust, whom you suspect a lack of honesty.
If he's lying, you will see inconsistencies in the meaning of his words and body movements that are not verifiable.

When you realize that the man has ulterior motives, and he was ready to substitute others for their own benefit, you will already be alert. The more people will be aware of the fact that this man cannot be trusted, the less stable will be the position of a scoundrel. For example, if we are talking about the working team, try to teach your colleagues eye to the vile man.

Resist manipulation

Not to become a part of someone's dastardly plan, learn how to protect themselves from manipulation. The main tool that will help you has already been with you is your intuition. If you subconsciously feel when communicating with a person discomfort, maybe he's trying to use you.

Don't go the jerk on occasion. If you are going to do what he wants, you break his plans. This is the most effective way of dealing with a hypocrite. Because an open confrontation does not fit here. Frank scandal with the invocation to the conscience of the villain you will be of little help. Believe me, the scoundrel will be able to get out, and you'll be left out in the cold.

Try less to communicate with people, from which comes the negative. If you are forced to do, for example, duties, limit conversation with him to a minimum.
Showcase your confidence, strength of character and insight. Be calm and skeptical. Most likely, these people are scoundrels won't touch it.

Do not devote unverified friends and colleagues in the details of his personal life. Otherwise crafty people will take advantage of your candour and will be able to use the information for their dirty purposes.

In any case, not tittle-tattles in case of accidental witnesses and even hold harmless remarks of third parties, which do not exist in the time of the conversation. Otherwise you can be drawn into any intrigue against his will.

Most importantly when meeting with the hypocrites – not to be disappointed in other people. Believe me, not all others are capable of meanness.