AIDS was known in 1981. The causative agent is the human immunodeficiency virus, which can enter the body in many ways. Known cases of sexual transmission method, tool, injection, transfusion (transfusion of infected blood), transplant, perinatal, dairy and household ways. It is worth noting that HIV is not transmitted by airborne droplets. This suggests that as a result of contact with an infected person of infection will not occur. Also kissing with an infected can be harmless, provided that soprikasalis sites no wounds and abrasions.
The diagnosis of AIDS is made only when the immune system is already badly damaged. By passing the blood level of CD4 lymphocytes falls below $ 200 per microliter. Another indicator of the disease can be a disease not peculiar to the body with a normal immune system. These diseases are called opportunistic. Also an indicator of the syndrome can be the development of rare forms of cancer. In case of untimely blocking of the syndrome dies as a result of the above-mentioned diseases.
People with AIDS usually look like normal healthy people. HIV infection may not manifest itself for 5 years. But to infect another person who is infected can. Therefore, testing for HIV and AIDS must be conducted with a certain periodicity.
Some AIDS manifests itself with symptoms such as General malaise, fatigue, lack of appetite. All of these can be signs of other diseases. For AIDS typical night sweats, persistent cough, diarrhea, weight loss. Possible clinical manifestations such as swollen lymph nodes, variety of rashes and pustules on the skin and in the mouth, fever. If you have these symptoms, you should not immediately think that this is AIDS. Such manifestations can be from many diseases.
Special features can become tumors and infection. Very common symptoms are pneumonia and skin cancer. Also, you should definitely get checked out for AIDS, if long time high temperature.
Still there is no cure for AIDS. But people live with it. Developed various blockers that inhibit the development of the syndrome. Also there are drugs that help keep the immune system in a relative normal. This allows the immune system to protect the body from infection. Using these medicines people live with AIDS for many years.