Submit a special request to the railroad company (for the hotline), which refers to the structure in which you go or could go to your relatives, friends or colleagues. It should be borne in mind that such a request can be done only in the case when the media learned of the attack or accident, which involved required train. In this request, you do not give a complete list on the phone but on your friends or relatives when you specify their names will respond.
Full list of passengers in such emergency situations are always a little later you will see on the site of the railway company or in the news. Meanwhile, the railwaymen are some exceptional cases in the provision of, for example, information that the person who presumably left on the train forgot the city passport etc. can also help and provide a list, but, note, to do this they are not obliged to require a similar waiver when no one else can.
Contact law enforcement agencies, specifying what you need the list of passengers of the train. Remember, to the databases of the railway companies have full access to the police, the FSB, the tax authorities. If they deem that you really need to help, then surely using their powers, will be able to provide information about the passengers or any other passenger train. Remember, when contacting the police you would need to write a special statement on the basis of which will be given in subsequent data.
Attention! Don't try to find out the list of passengers of the train with the help of hacking the database of the railway company – the acts were criminal and, most likely, the desired result, you will not bring only trouble.