The timetable of trains traditionally placed on the stand next to the compartment of the conductor. However, it can be recognized in advance on the Internet.
Ask for information about the route of the trains on the official website of JSC "Russian Railways" Select the "Passengers". Then in the "train tickets" enter the station of departure and arrival: type the first letters of the desired station, and select from the dropdown list. Keep in mind that the names of the stations do not always correspond to the name of settlements, as may be supplemented by explanatory features (e.g., "Astrakhan 1" or "Kazan pass"), and without their guidance, the search system will not give the answer to the query.
Next, specify the day of departure with calendar, where you can define the dates on which the open sale of tickets. If necessary, specify the time of departure. After this is activated the button "Buy ticket". To view the schedule of trains without purchasing a travel document, uncheck cell "tickets", which is the default. Thus button will become active "Schedule", when clicked the system will offer you options for direct routes to their destination.
From the list of trains select the most suitable for you and click on the cell "train Route". You will receive the necessary information about the upcoming trip: a complete list of stations, time of arrival, berthing and departure from each location on the route.
You can also use the services of the website Select in the menu the tab "Train", enter the names of the stations of departure and arrival, date of travel, check in the resulting list of trains necessary option and navigate to the cell "Route". In this system you will be able to see the time in way-stations, and also see the route on the map.