You will need
  • software Ati Tool.
Program to test you can bring with you on a USB flash drive or CD-ROM. From other programs that are similar in performing certain functions, it features a small size distribution and high functionality. Despite the fact that the title of the program features Ati, she is also suitable for other brands of graphics cards. The exception may be some cards integrated graphics cards, which came later exit the program. Before installing this program and running it install the latest drivers for your graphics card.
After starting the program, you will see a window where you can change the values of the sliders. To begin, click Show 3D View, a new window will open the video "hairy Cuba". This program is popularly called the "hairy cube". In the lower left corner you will see the values of the FPS (current & average values). Leave the program for 10-15 minutes to monitor the temperature changes. Accordingly, it will grow. For kernel card the ideal temperature is 60-65 degrees. Some models feel good and at 80 degrees, but this temperature is considered critical. Rapid temperature increases to such indicators evidence of the abnormality of the cooling system. If the Board is old, get rid of the overheating problems you can replace the thermal paste.
If with cooling all is normal, pay attention to the image of the "hairy cube". The appearance of yellow patches indicates the failures, the stability of the card in question. If the number of spots exceeds 10 pieces for one piece, even after changing thermal paste, it's worth checking your power supply. If the power supply was recently purchased, it makes sense to go to the store with a replacement graphics card under warranty. A small number of dots and low temperature cores should not cause you anxiety, the graphics card is working at the proper level.
Now click Scan for Artifacts. Run another check, in which you can find out the errors. The screen displays a static image of the "hairy cube". In the lower left corner, if no errors, you will see No errors for ** sec. Instead of stars you will see the number of seconds since last error. The higher the value, the better. If within 10-15 minutes no errors have occurred, and the temperature is normal, the graphics card is in excellent condition.