For owners of Nvidia graphics cards most of the settings can be found in the control panel of the device. To do this, right-click on the desktop and select "Nvidia control Panel". Next go to menu "help" in the top bar and click on "system Information". In the left column of the table lists the available video cards right - all the relevant characteristics, and driver version.
To view the settings of the video card using the dxdiag utility. Go to "start", select "Run" (in Windows 7, the name can be entered in the search box under "All programs"). Type dxdiag and press Enter. After opening the program switch to the tab "Display" ("Display"), where will be written all the relevant characteristics.
On Windows XP most of the settings can be viewed in the device Manager. To do this, click the right mouse button on "My computer" and select "Properties", then click on the "Hardware tab" and open the "device Manager" (button with the appropriate name). After startup all devices connected to the computer. The item "display Adapters" is responsible for the graphics card. Right click on the name of the Board. Will display the relevant characteristics.
Viewing characteristics of the Nvidia video cards in Linux is similar control panel Board, if you have installed the proprietary drivers. You can also view the options by typing in the terminal the command "xvinfo", which will display all available values. To display information using OpenGL you can use a query glxinfo.