You will need
  • The computer with the video card, the program ATITool
To test a graphics card is necessary to pay attention to the correct operation of the GPU, cooling system and no errors in VRAM.
To check the work of the GPU graphics card using a special utility to test it - ATITool. The principle of operation of this utility is quite simple. It generates in a window a small hairy cube. that cube Rendering is a challenging task for the GPU of the graphics card, and it creates a high load. With such a load identifies cooling problems, failures in the graphics chip, poor contact of the GPU or other components of a graphics card. This method is most simple to detect internal faults of the video card and evaluate its performance.
To verify graphics card, run ATITool test by pressing the button "Show 3D view". The screen will display a rotating cube.
In this test, it is important to monitor the temperature of the graphics card to prevent overheating. Therefore, immediately after start of the test pay attention to the increase in the GPU temperature. It should be in the range of 60-75 degrees and not exceed throughout test 85 degrees. If the temperature reaches this mark, it means that the graphic chip has poor contact with the heatsink. Stop the test immediately to withdraw the card from the system and update the thermal paste between the chip and heatsink.
During the test try to detect the generated cube yellow dots. They appear when generating images with graphics card failure has occurred. If the test did not appear more than 3 yellow dots, it means that the video card works fine. If the yellow points appeared to 10, then most likely the video card has some problems with power supply. Check whether there is enough power supply. If the yellow dots appears is more than 10, the card has serious internal problems that will cause artifacts in the image.
To check the operation of the video memory using Video Memory stress Test. The program checks the video card memory bitwise, which reveals her problems for sure, and also allows, if necessary, to carry out the health check graphics card memory in the background without affecting the image on the monitor screen. Video Memory stress Test uses access to video memory using DirectX. This method allows to check not only the graphics cards have their own memory, but also to assess the stability of memory integrated graphics cards, which are used for work memory of the computer.
The program is easy to use and requires no installation. To test graphics card memory, just run the Video Memory stress Test and click "Start". The program will check the memory tests in full mode. During the inspection shows two horizontal ProgressBar, the upper shows how complete the current test, lower how complete the whole test. Under progressbarui is the error count. If the graphics card is fully operational, the all-time error checking should arise. The entries in the history field, located under the counter mistakes are only information and errors are not.