Advice 1: How to know whether the burned out video card

Video cards are devices that are used to display graphic images. They can be expansion cards or integrated into the motherboard. Expansion card inserted into the slot on the motherboard, the integrated runs in a separate chip or as part of the North bridge. These details of the life of graphics cards you will need to know how to act if you turn the computer on the monitor does not appear at all, or it is distorted.
How to know whether the burned out video card
After turning on the computer in the normal mode, if the speaker connected to the motherboard, you hear one short beep. In case of malfunction of any equipment the signal changes. There are special tables of signals BIOS that can help you determine the problem right at the start of the computer. Most of the motherboard manufacturers to indicate a malfunction of the video card appointed one long and two short beeps. So when you switch on the system unit you hear one long and two short "beeps" and on the screen appears the message "No video signal" or no image, the problem is with the video card.
Unplug the system unit from the mains. If your graphics card is made in the form of an expansion Board, Unscrew the tightening screws which it is attached to the body. Pull down the plastic clips securing the card in the slot, and then remove it. Take a normal eraser and wipe the contacts, the problem may be that they are oxidized. Piece of thick paper (not newspaper) roll into a tight corner and wipe the contacts inside the slot.
Insert the graphics card back firmly until it clicks and turn on the computer. If nothing has changed, in the same manner, check the map on a known good computer. If the other computer the image appears, then the problem is in the slot on your motherboard.
Video card failure can manifest itself differently: for example, appear on the screen stripes and dots (called artifacts), colors are incorrect. Remove the card from the slot and carefully inspect it on both sides. The map should not be swollen and leaking capacitors, burnt areas and mechanical damage. If visible defects are not, perhaps, the cause of the problem – the overheating of the card. Perhaps inside your system unit, there is little ventilation. Check the video card on another computer.
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When you hear one short beep, and the display on the monitor there may be from the external connector's disconnected or faulty interesny cable.

Advice 2: How to identify a burned up video card

When out of order graphics card, the computer stops output to the monitor, making it difficult for the user to determine the exact cause of the fault. It is difficult to determine what has failed is the video card, processor or RAM. In such a situation, you can see the graphics card and are specially stipulated for such a case, the self-diagnostic system.
How to identify a burned up video card
You will need
  • The computer with the graphics card Phillips screwdriver
Every modern personal computer equipped with self-diagnostic system POST, which runs automatically whenever the computer is turned on. Usually this lasts a few seconds. At the end of the test the self-diagnostic system displays information about the hardware configuration and faults, if present. The state of the computer is duplicated by a sound signal specifically for those cases where due to problems displayed on the screen impossible. If the computer is fully functional, the self-diagnostic system will emit one short beep, which is also called – BEEP. If in this case you have no picture on the monitor, then most likely the problem is in the wiring between the monitor and video card may not work the monitor itself is shot down or some settings in the BIOS, but the card is not burned.
If instead of a single short beep, BEEP, you hear a series of short and long beeps, it means that the system POST has detected some malfunction. The audio signal produced by the self-diagnostic system, is a sound code, which consists of long and short sounds. You need to calculate how much and what signals makes the system self-test at the end of the test. Then test this code with sound error codes for your BIOS manufacturer. To determine the manufacturer, you can instructions to your motherboard.For the most common manufacturers of motherboard BIOS DTC graphics card are:— Award BIOS — 1 long and 2 short beeps.— AMI BIOS — 1 long and 2 short beeps, 1 long and 3 short beeps, 1 long and 8 short signals and 8 short signals.— Phoenix BIOS system POST this manufacturer uses alternating short and long signals. A sequence of 3-3-4 means the error testing RAM and can be a problem with the graphics card.
If your computer emits a corresponding sound signal, then there is no image on the monitor with the video card. To check burned graphics card or its malfunction is associated with something else, it should be examined. This operation usually requires opening the computer and graphics card, which will result in loss of warranty. So if you have a fault with the system self-test, contact the service center. If you are not afraid of losing the warranty on the computer or the video card, remove it from the computer and remove the heatsink. Carefully inspect the card for the presence of breakdown of capacitors, a dark burnt plots, paths, or elements of devices. Their presence means that your video card burned.
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