Great meaning are the numbers (dates) and phrases, so pay attention to them in the first place. Most often the number is the date of birth of the person, at least – the date of the death of a loved one, conviction, meeting, separation, etc.
To decode the abbreviations, refer to the popular prison sentences. For example, an ELEPHANT might mean "from an early age is misfortune" or "death COP from a knife", BLISS "take care love and appreciate freedom," CÔTE "indigenous inhabitants of the prison," etc. Often occur in abbreviations obscene words and expressions.
Look at the fingers of the owner of the tattoo applied to tattoo the rings you can learn a lot. For example, black background, white crossed diagonals, means that man sat for a robbery. Black square was released without parole, was "from start to finish." The image of a cat – pride and a long stay in prison.
Aggressive tattoos are often designed to law enforcement officials, embarked on the path of correction or has violated the allegiance of women. On the unlawful intent may say the skull and crossbones on his forearm or shoulders, and pierced with a dagger penal code.
Pay attention to the shoulders of the bearer of the tattoo. They are often applied to the shoulder straps or epaulettes with inscriptions (Napoleon, N, etc.), a kind of insignia of authority in the prison hierarchy.
To see the number of convictions and years behind bars, find the tattoo Poladov (two, three or more) of barbed wire. The crosses in the arches of the years, the number of arcs, the number of convictions. Inside can be placed the initial letters of a place serving or initials of the owner tattoos.
Many of the crimes were disclosed thanks to the tattoo of a Lily flower, or chamomile. The number of petals corresponds to the number of participants of criminal proceedings, sometimes within each grade is given in the initials.