The purpose of tattooing

Often tattoos are applied for subsequent display them to others and as a way to Express the "I", reveal it to the world. Usually, this bright and large tattoo with overly enhanced sense sharply aggressive or passive-nice.

But there is a tattoo bearing hidden meanings. It is their cause in those areas of the body that are closed clothing, or make them dull, monochromatic and small in size. It tattoos, amulets and tattoos-beacons. They are designed to protect its wearer from trouble, to attract good fortune or remind him of certain periods and important moments of his life.

Tattoo "keyhole" does not apply to charms, mystical meanings because it is not bound by any brand. To put it in the beacons too. Rather, it carries the meaning that it puts the carrier itself.

Meanings tattoo keyhole

This figure refers to modern and long history has. 'Cause no mystical overtones in this tattoo is not hidden, and it has no cultural, racial prejudice and versatile – you can wear both girls and men. Its shape, size and color also depend only on the wishes of the owner.

Since this figure does not have any ancient symbols, today's generation has given its own meaning. And these meanings are simple and accessible.

Keyhole can symbolize delegating the "key" from your heart to another man, close and beloved.

Moreover, such a tattoo may signal that its bearer is not so easy to find the "key" that it is a closed and complex personality, and it needs a special approach. It can also indicate that the inner world of the media "keyhole" is closed from surrounding people he considers friends.

In the case of accommodation near wells and key from it, drawing can be interpreted as a closed system. That is, the owner hints at his self-sufficiency, that question and the answer are always in the man that the search for them externally senseless and useless.

If this figure is applied as a light, it usually means the presence in life of the owner of any secret. It recalls the need to preserve and protect silence.

In exceptional cases, the keyhole can be interpreted as freedom and power.