Organize a picnic. Remember that Vologda is a city Park. There are many parks, squares and alleys. Nature of Vologda colorful and rich, so gather all your friends and relatives together and mark a birthday in the fresh air. Select a place more beautiful, make yourself comfortable and begin to feast! Menu should be simple but satisfying – walking and playing in the fresh air soon enough will cause a feeling of hunger. Sandwiches, canapés, burgers and fries, and fresh juices will appeal to both adults and children. Play volleyball and soccer, take pictures on the colorful alleys of the Park, noisy company – have fun!
Arrange a "historic" birthday. Vologda – a city with a rich architectural history. If you don't want to have a traditional meal with salad Olivier a festive cake, head out after a light snack on a tour of the sights and architectural monuments of your city. You should start with "Vologda Kremlin", which is located in the city centre – a stone building with 23 towers, which are themselves historical heritage of Vologda. Visit churches decorated with ancient frescoes and icons – the Church of John the Baptist and Elijah the Prophet. When you choose for such an interesting walk?
Young people prefer to celebrate a birthday in Vologda in the night club. In this city there are a lot of such establishments for every taste and budget. Those who want to spend an evening, engrossed in several musical eras, like the club Lights "Sukhona" - several dance floors with different music will impress all guests. Fans of retro will love the Vintage. Crave a bold showmanship and love to taste the cocktails? Go to the "K-dens", where daily bartenders.