Today the order is possible to carry out one of three ways. First - directly visit the nearest restaurant and a conversation with the Manager. With the help of a call to McDonald's. And the third is through their website.

What is included in the cost of the birthday party at McDonalds?

The starting price of the day of birth is sufficient low and is 450 p. However, it includes exclusively the services of an animator, a baby gift and small token gifts for the guests, decoration of the hall, as well as napkins, plates and party hat to the children.

The order of dishes from the standard menu are not included in this amount. They must be pre-arranged when booking. Also separately it is possible to produce a birthday cake (value 215 R). However, you should have a few more than the negotiated amount in the event of a necessary reordering.

Menu better be of the least harmful foods. Is to minimize the burgers, adding their seasonal salads. But the fries still need to replace the garnish. Coke is also preferable to replace juices or carbonated water, and shake. The average bill is usually $ 150.

That includes the birthday celebration?

Standard time of celebration in the restaurant - 90 minutes. Of these, about half have a celebratory dinner. The rest of the time children engaged in animator. Parents have the opportunity to pre-agree the theme of the future of the festival: from the jungle to a pirate ship.

The children engaged a specially trained employee of McDonald's. It conducts quiz competitions, which attract even normally shy children. They are chosen more or less individually in accordance with age, future guests, considering the possibilities and their Hobbies.

What is the birthday of McDonald's from the same

The restaurant staff is very welcoming to the little birthday child and of course invited guests. All children will receive small gifts, holiday is accompanied by a children's song, fun and memorable photo will be a great reminder through the years of such a carefree childhood.