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Open a text editor such as Notepad and copy the following entry:
This symbol is invisible )))

In this example, an invisible character is the hyphen. You can use other characters or words.
Save the text document on your computer.
Load the document on the ftp-server of your domain.
Open the resulting page. Instead of hyphen you will see an empty string. Now highlight and copy the entire page into Notepad, dash again become visible.
Copy the hyphen or your invisible characters from the "Notepad" in the input box nickname or message.
You can use ready-made blank symbol. Click on the link and also copy the page into Notepad.
To test or not your character invisible, you can now, for example, the site "Vkontakte". For this field to enter comments copy the invisible character from "the Notebook", and now send your message. It should be empty. Now try to send a blank comment, without adding the symbol. You will not succeed.
Very often an empty nick in the chat, the forum, the guest book is created with the purpose of communicating without any restrictions. Delete or block that user impossible, so he gets the opportunity to violate with impunity the rules on the website, for example, to send spam or insult other users. Of course, the empty symbols are used for good purposes. For example, a similar trick is often used by webmasters when you don't know how to make just a lot of padding in the html code of the page. Also invisible nick can be useful if you want to make fun of your friends in ICQ. Using the above method, you can write invisible messages.