You will need
  • - computer or laptop;
  • - the Internet.
Get creative and enter the network name yourself. To change the alias on a forum or social network, do not need to register another account, you can edit personal data in personal account.
Make a new nickname derived from the first name, last name, or combinations thereof. Use a combination of letters and symbols to highlight your network name from the friends list. Try using nick describe himself or, conversely, make the alias a neutral mask.
By registering on a popular forum, use the generator of nicknames, if your usual alias is already taken by another user. To do this, use the search tool to find programs, allow a few seconds to make a new nick.
Enter, if required, gender, the desired first letter of the alias, the number of letters in the word. Click on the "OK" and get a new nick. If you are not satisfied, repeat the operation until, until you find a suitable nickname.
There are programs to generate nicknames that are completely automatically give aliases. Just select the length and number of words in their names. Press the "start" button until then, until you're satisfied with the result.
Choose one of the aliases. This method create a new nick allows you to choose more or less meaningful alias. Besides some nicks decorated with symbols that will allow you to amaze your friends by social network.
All you need to do when you click finish nick on the corresponding website is to choose between a pseudonym for men and women. Copy the new nick. Open the profile editing page and paste it in the field name or login. Confirm saving changes.