Switch keyboard layout to Latin and tap on Shift+E, which in this case should be responsible for typing the tilde. Please note that the entry for this symbol in the Cyrillic alphabet is not supported. If you need to call the shell or use another function using this button, in some cases, you may need to switch layouts.
If you do not enter a tilde, try to open character map and see it's supported by a given font. To do this, go to the menu of installed programs via the "start" and select the standard utilities this utility.
Select the font in the top dropdown menu and view the appropriate signs, which input it supports. If you have to use additional characters, drag the table icon on the desktop or on the task bar, after which she will be available to you much faster.
If your keyboard is missing or not working the key who is responsible for entering a tilde, use the symbol table to copy to the clipboard. After that, open a window in which the symbol you want to enter, and then paste it using Ctrl+V.
Use the shift keys in if your computer is missing or does not work button “~”. This is because in some games it is responsible for the activation of a particular regime, the inclusion of different functions, and so forth. To change the assignment of any key will help you a special program designed to modify the scan code of a multimedia or conventional buttons. Please note that there are also programs specifically for changing the assignment of the Caps Lock key. Before using read the instructions and create the recovery point.