You will need
  • Computer, imagination and sense of taste
A well-chosen nick - a guarantee that it will be remembered. What attracts attention and stays long in the memory? Right, things are either very simple or original and unconventional. Decorating your nick, let's bet on it.
If you want to go the way of the "simpler is better", then decorate your nick capacious content. Let it be short, four-six letters, and contains the maximum information message. Avoid platitudes like "honey" or "Bunny". If you do not stray from the topic of animals and the variants of "beetle", "mouse", etc.
About originality of design. You can use different fonts, if possible to the site where you are registered. Combine the letters of the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, experiment with lower case (big) and lowercase (small) letters. But be aware of the measure: for example, "СоЛNыFFкО" will be confusing. Too complex to write nickand rather annoying, and it does not paint them.
Get creative and use symbols before and/or after nickand @, #, :-p, ^^,_, $, etc. by the Way, the symbols can also replace a letter in a nicke – M@M@". And the letter "H", for example, is often replaced by "4".
Carefully chosen nick will add avatar or profile pic – the image next to it. They can be in tune, so surprising in case of discrepancy to each other. What version is closer, decide for yourself, but be aware of the ethical and legal boundaries in the choice of both.