Come up with a unique name and password

To define yourself online, you must have the so-called username (or nickname, of the English. "nickname") and password.

The username is written in Latin letters and should not be repeated with other participants of the web resource. This is quite a creative process that requires a lot of effort, because most names are already taken. A simple solution would be the addition of parts of your name, date of birth, and perhaps received a verbal combination would be free. For example, your name is Karasev, Ivan Viktorovich and you were born 12.10.1976. In this case, in order not to forget the next login, you can try these options:

  • KarasevIV1976

  • IvanViktorovich1976

  • Karasev12101976

And probably something from the above will be free.

The password can be any combination of digits and Latin letters. Remember your password, better go somewhere to write and not show it to anyone.
Register a new user name

In order to visit popular sites (for example, "Vkontakte" or "Classmates") and many others, you need to register. At first glance the process may seem complicated, but actually it is quite trivial.

Find the website link with the text "Register" and go to it. Fill in all the fields in the proposed forms. Difficulties may arise with the field "Email" (or Email). If you do not have email, it will need to create (using the same username and password) on one of the free email services like, Gmail , or

After filling all the fields press the confirm button and following the instructions of the website to complete the registration.
Login using the created username and password.

For this site find two fields where you need to enter that you created earlier.