You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • browser.
Go to his page on Vkontakte website. To do this, start the browser in the name box, enter site Next, press enter. You may need to enter your username and password to access the personal page. Enter all the data that will be required. It is also worth noting that this operation is feasible in almost all well-known browsers.
Select a friend in list of contactswho would like to please an empty message. Keep in mind that not everyone will understand this message. Certainly among your friends there is someone who will appreciate your skills and sense of humor. Also, do not write empty message support, as people doing work, and you should not detract on such trifles.
In the field where you want to type a message, instead of the standard "hi", enter the combination of symbols &#14. To do this, switch to English layout and press Shift+7, Shift+3 and figures 1 and 4. Press "Send".
On the updated page and admire the results of their work and computer tricks. Wait for the reaction of the other, and maybe he will ask you disclose this secret. It all depends on your desire. In General we can say that the way messages know not so few users.
Order instead of name when registering a new user on the VK site showed blank fields, enter the combination instead of the name and surname, respectively. Similar errors have on any website, the main thing — to find them. However, don't often deal with such cases, so how much to get involved, and go for a more serious "errors".