To change nick in the program QIP, perform the following steps.
Start QIP, login, if required by your settings.
In the top pane of the window that opens QIP, above the list of your friends, there are buttons that control the program. Click on the rightmost button to Show / Change my details".
You opened the "Data" window with the selected it the "General" tab. This is the main information that users will see immediately after adds you to their contact list. This is the number of your ICQ nick name and your age. Please note that in the dialog box, your chat partner sees your name and nick. Nick is displayed directly in the message, before the time and date of departure and name on the top line of the open dialog box.
To change your nick in ICQ (QIP), open the "Data" window select the tab "info". You will see a window with written on it the name and the nickname. Delete the old information and enter new. Click "Save".
Change nickname in ICQ 7.
Open the ICQ program 7. In the upper pane, select the tab "Menu".
"Window Menu" click on the tab "Profile". You'll see the basic information about your account.
In the upper part of the panel "Profile" click "Edit". You will see a box with your name, surname, nickname and phone number (if you indicated).
Delete the old information in the column "Nickname" and enter new. Click "OK".
To change nick in the Miranda program, open the menu "Personal data" ("Personal information" in some versions). Inside the opened window contains your current data.
Make your changes to the string "Nickname", then click "Save".