At the time of registration "Vkontakte", you can specify virtually any data. Many users post false information about his name and surname. In the future, these omissions create a lot of problems. To change your personal information on the social page is quite difficult, but possible.
Log on to your page, in the upper left corner there is a menu in which you need the count "My profile (edit)". Click on this caption and you will see the window. At the top you will see two required fields containing your name and surname. To clean your data, you just need to erase it and instead write something else. Some people write fictitious data, and someone just replaces his name to a patronymic. At the end of the procedure, click "Save".
Developers social networks allow you to change the name, only a limited number of times. In the future, the account owner will need to confirm their reality and reliability. For the change of name is sent to the passport data that are photographed on separate files. This fact allows administrators to ensure the relevance and confidentiality of the information. It is further proposed to choose the name, which will always appear in the profile. Data can be changed only for pages which are linked to the phone. Otherwise, the user will be blocked. Attach the phone to the page only once. In the future, the room is completely blocked for re-registration. Therefore, the choice of name is best done unambiguously and irrevocably, to avoid unnecessary problem.
"VKontakte" is constantly evolving, and this becomes one of the important aspects. The fact that every day in the social network are recorded ad bots and fake accounts through which marketing information is sent and the usual spam. Of course, such a profile seriously complicate the work of the administrator, and also harm regular users. Complicated procedure of registration and confirmation of confidential information makes it possible to identify extremely real and interested users who have registered with the purpose of communication, rather than promote their own services and products. In this case, it is protected from fraudsters who often use social networks to extort money. Sending registration data to the server "Vkontakte", the user can be sure of privacy. The system takes responsibility for using the information. Data is deleted in the future are not used anywhere. They are required only to confirm the basic rules and regulations.