You will need
  • - telephone directory of the city;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Try to contact one of the many Internet sites that offer people search or in the address database (for example, Enter your details (name, surname, address) in the appropriate fields. Some websites require you to attach a photo at the wanted man. This greatly facilitates the search.
Use the services of paid services on the Internet, working on the principle detective agencies (for example, This service cost a lot, however, you will get the most accurate, reliable and detailed information about the person you are looking for. Paid for such services by electronic money through payment systems (Webmoney, Yandex money) or by Bank transfer to the card. Keep in mind that these firms do not search for persons wanted, illegal immigrants and missing persons.
Use the telephone directory of the city. Such a directory can get via the Internet and in places of distribution of printed publications – bookstores, kiosks of the press. Find the email address, and find out who prescribed it.
Visit website if you want to get the phone number of the personwho seek and prepare it for the meeting. In fact happens is that people, not seen for many years may not know each other. Maybe you arrive in a foreign city or country, will come at the desired address, and your friend is not at home – he went on vacation or a business trip for a long time. In addition, thanks to this site you can learn even numbers of the car of a wanted personif he doesn't have one.
Go to one of the social networks (e.g., in contact or classmates). Sometimes users page, specify the address of residence. Enter the address of the personthat seek, in the form of "people Search" and you will see a list of all residents at this address, with which you can easily reach.