At this point problems can occur, perhaps the employer will not carefully check the legality of the temporary registration, but it is better to do it yourself to avoid future problems.
Having at hand the document on temporary registration, is to verify its authenticity and to call the telephone number, it must be a contact number passport office, which issued the document, or territorial branch of the migration service.
First thing you need to remember that the citizen of the Russian Federation with a permanent registration in another district, may obtain temporary registration according to the simplified scheme without the withdrawal from registration by place of residence and, therefore, easier to do everything legally. Moreover, you can register in the apartment, and private house, hostel or hotel.
Is the passport registration officer need to clarify whether you have registered at the specified address. The only problem that may arise is the refusal to provide information will be right to say that you have no legal registration, and at this housing you're not.
In this case, it is better to take the situation under his own control, to find a volunteer willing to register you and personally go to the passport office – this gives a 100% guarantee legal temporary registration.
To check the registration of another person is possible by sending a reasoned request to the Department of reference work targeted management of FMS that raizona, which issued your check (Il needs to be decorated). This can be done in writing or through the departmental sites of the Federal migration service.