You will need
  • - application to the migration service;
  • request in the address reference table;
  • - a statement to law enforcement.
If you know the name of the personthat you need to find the month and year of birth, you will easily be able to get information about permanent or temporary registration as a wanted citizen.
Please contact any branch of the territorial migration service. Write a statement in which to specify all the information familiar to you, the reason for the search. You'll need to present your passport.
Any information can be given out within 7 working days from the date of treatment. You just call the address of permanent or temporary registration as a wanted citizen.
In addition to the territorial or the Federal migration service you can obtain information at the information Desk. Usually in the same region a few productive services, which provide pay information citizens for a very reasonable amount.
The help Desk you must provide all information on a wanted citizen, which you are aware. If you know only part of them, will give you the address of a group of individuals that fit the details to the wanted citizen.
And the last one. If you are unable from these sources to obtain information, and to find a citizen you need, and you have a good reason for this, for example, you are trying to learn the address of the debtor or searching for the malicious defaulter of the alimony, contact any office of the internal Affairs bodies.
With good reason, on the basis of submitted your application an investigation will be engaged in law enforcement or convey information on search activities to the Federal security service.
On the basis of the conducted investigative activities you will get the exact address and will be able to contact a wanted citizen with a number of your questions or file a claim in court with the instruction addressand the defendant.