Practice in front of a mirror, practicing facial expressions, words and gestures. Such a rehearsal will allow you to adjust your demeanor while telling a joke and look at themselves as if from outside. It is clear that your short story should not be recited in monotone, muffled and with a grim expression.
Choose a short and funny jokes , long stories always bore the listener. Some jokes can be a little longer, but you have to be sure that you will be able to interest the audience, fueling their curiosity and restraining the impatience.
Test your skill on family and friends – they will always point you to the flaws in a soft manner, advise what else you need to work and assess you objectively. Check out new jokes on proven people, not to embarrass yourself in front of other people telling an old anecdote, or presenting it with a completely different meaning.
Learn to filter their funny stories depending on the audience. In the presence of children, young women and pensioners not to tell jokes vulgar, lewd or those that understand the audience is unable due to various reasons. In the company of friends you can afford less chaste anecdotes.
Do not tighten the anecdote, making a mysterious expression — a pause should be no more than a couple seconds. Learn to make this very meaningful pause, the meaning of which is to prepare students for the outcome, that is the most funny part of the joke.
Try to tell jokes naturally, without hesitation and painful attempts to remember the details. Use a natural style of storytelling, only then your joke will be perceived properly. Never interrupt the story with laughter, which means that you remember the essence of the joke, and it's incredibly funny. Is this your way to tell jokes very annoying.
During the scoring of joke actively help yourself with the hands, gestures and facial expressions — any story looks interesting.
If you didn't get from the audience the desired response, i.e. laughter, not to dwell on this attention and start to explain the joke, just switch to another topic or continue to tell their stories.