Always try to respond politely, behave yourself. You should not be ashamed of yourself either in the present or in the future. Try your reaction calm to embarrass the offender, who waits for the angry and impulsive outbursts in his address. Control your emotions, you don't have to show the opponent my frustration and embarrassment, this will please the foe.

Do not leave the abuser unpunished attacks. Otherwise he'll sense your weakness, it will give him to understand that you are an easy "victim", because we do not defend ourselves. You can try to ignore the ham, but you must do it with dignity. Keep calm, you can throw on the opponent ironic or condescending glance.

To give the proper rebuff to the enemy, use all your sarcasm and malice, don't take the offensive words in your address seriously ridicule the offender. Try as much as possible painful "sting" the enemy, find his weak spot. Boor will be much harder to argue with you, if you treat this situation with humor. The offender will hesitate and will look very silly.

So the opponent does not catch you by surprise, prepare a few generic phrases and answers. Scroll through several possible conversations in his head, in a real dispute, you will feel more confident and will be able to quickly find the right words. In this case you have advantage, because your abuser will argue under the influence of emotion rather than cold calculation.

In some cases, reciprocal rudeness. This is only applicable in extreme cases, if the specific abuser differently in this situation it is impossible to communicate. You must concentrate in itself the negativity and throw it to the opponent, do not hesitate in strong terms, you have to crush the enemy with its energy. In this case, you will not only stand up for themselves, but will release the vapor.

If you will thus protect yourself in conversation with Hammami, it will stop their desire to talk with you in an aggressive manner. But in any case the response you need with cold courtesy, without aggression.