Cuteness in every aspect

That's a skill that has both positive and negative sides. Sarcastic replica, elevating its author above the rest, helping the opponents to put themselves in the most awkward position. But insensitive, aggressive people can use physical force to particularly pull to their wit, which is why these last a lot more on the Internet than in real life.

There are two subspecies of the wit. The first is the irony. She's generally good-natured, sarcastic, positive. Irony is used to focus attention on himself. Ironic man often becomes the soul of the company. The second subspecies is sarcasm. That's heavy artillery. Sarcasm, in fact, is a slightly veiled but vicious and clever mockery, which shows others that the person to whom it is addressed, not too smart. Such mockery always requires an audience, because to Shine wit before not too clever conversationalist, in which directed sarcasm, quite silly. People who use sarcasm, always work to an appreciative audience.

Sarcasm and modern society

In modern society, verbal studs are often needed to disguise the foul reaction that it is considered bad manners. For example, the subtle sarcastic remarks in any case be the appropriate natural response to the request of the head due to some formalities to redo work that you have dealt with a few months. Quite thin stiletto heel, which will enable you to let off steam, maybe cause irritation of the authorities, but, at least, will not leave you without a job.

It is noteworthy that the word "sarcasm" comes from the Greek verb meaning "ditch the meat". In fact, sarcasm is the most effective verbal weapons. The sarcastic remarks are divided into two groups — obvious and subtle, comprehensible only to the author.

To effectively use sarcasm, is to correctly assess the mental capacity of the potential object of ridicule, because if he or she is quite clever and witty, you can be subject to far more cruel ridicule and lose the duel. Modern psychologists believe that the tendency to sarcasm speaks of a healthy mind. People often use the sarcastic remarks unconsciously, for defensive purposes. Professional comedians rarely use this kind of ridicule, because it rarely causes joy and gladness, they prefer irony, which is safer.

Sarcasm is a favorite technique of writers-satirists. In fact, the wide distribution he received during the development of the ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. Many philosophers actively used sarcasm to mock the rulers and high officials. During the Renaissance, the sarcasm was evident in the literature, and even painting.