It is believed that a sense of humor is directly related to level of intelligence. Want to be able always with a knack to find a way out? Read more books, solve crosswords and crossword puzzles developing logic. In addition, you will increase your overall level of development, you will be able to answer uncomfortable questions with quotations from the classics.
Repartee does not directly offending the person. If slender and sarcastic friend wondered not recovered you should not be in response to insult her wide ankles. Better answer that found that overweight women still like men more lean, so you just decided to get in shape.
Ask counter-questions to throw the interviewee off. A neighbor asked what kind of girl you brought home last night? Specify whether it does not collect data for the KGB and remind her that the organization with the same name already there.
Agree with someone. For example, if you and a friend are sitting in a cafe, and she asks you an indelicate question about wages paid to your husband, and then shakes her head and reports that it receives three times more, just make a sad face and ask her to pay for lunch.
In response to the tactless question about your status to inform the caller that you are not married because your karma is tainted by sins of the loose great-grandmother, and form lines of fate on your hand says that soon all your buddies misfortune, therefore, the interlocutor it is better to stay away from you. Most likely, he will do so and will no longer bother you.
You are terribly polite person and even can't imagine to give someone back? Currently courtesy – a rarity, and not even everyone has heard about it. Unintelligent companion bothering you with pesky questions? Smile and talk with him very politely. Soon he will think you mock him.