You will need
  • Petticoat is sewn of durable fabric cheap, necessarily inelastic. Otherwise, under the weight of the hoops petticoat SAG and lose volume.
Tailor the mesh skirt or the bell, depending on the desired splendor of the future dresses. Wedges should correspond to quarters of a circle. If the belt is inelastic, vsheyte in the side or back seam zipper.
Turn the petticoat inside out. Attach to the hem of the larger Hoop and secure it. Measure around the perimeter of the Hoop with a small margin wide satin ribbon. Pin it with pins on top of the Hoop. Prostrochite above it and below it, so the tape is completely covered by the wrap.
Similarly attach another two or three hoops at equal distance from each other.
Remove the petticoat on the face. In principle, it ready, but below the skirt, worn on him, had a rounded shape, you need to sew the ruffles to it. Cut long strips of fabric the width of the distance between the hoops. When cutting add on the seam allowance 1 cm on each side.
Treat the bottom edge of the strips. Pin them over the top edge of the pin to the attachment points of the hoops, making a small uniform Assembly. Keep in mind that the more hoops low (i.e., to a lower tier assemblies) need a big length ruffles.
Pristrochite strips to the petticoat. It is important not to hurt when you place the Hoop, not to hurt him or the machine needle.