Divide the dress into three elements: top, skirt and layered petticoats. First stitch the lush upper skirt. Build a pattern "polyanna".
In the upper left corner of the paper for the pattern to be put out, she draw a vertical line down and horizontal to the right. Calculate the size of the excavation under the waist. To poluobhvat waist, add 1 cm multiply the Result by 1/3, then by 2 and subtract 2 cm In the point place a compass, open it on the radius and draw an arc between lines.
Down vertically and right horizontally, measure the desired length of the skirt, connect the ends of these beams smooth arc. The hem and the hole for the waist, add 3 cm allowances for the hem drawstring for the elastic.
To give the dress extra volume, gather the petticoat of several layers of organza. Cut out of them in the same pattern. Each next layer should be longer than the third. Connect each pattern side seam, then fold and hem the bottom. After collect the entire "design" so that the bottom was the longest part. Dredging for waist fold inside to make a drawstring. It is also necessary to thread the elastic.
The top part of the dress, make in plain top. Build it a pattern in the form of a rectangle, whose width is equal to the poluobhvat chest, and the height is the length to the waist. On the back or side vsheyte zipper. Upper cut piping, and the bottom pristrochite to the skirt. To top sew the two matching colored straps from the silk ribbons.
Decorate the dress with beads. On the paper draw any abstract pattern. Pick up a bead of the right color and thread it on the fishing line, the length of which corresponds to the length of one row in the sketch. Bead strands lay out a pattern on the top. Attach each string of small cross stitches. So they were not visible, use threads that match the color of the ground fabric.