Treat the bottom of the skirt and a hidden seam. To do this, bend at the level where you need it, Tutuila fabric. If necessary, lay a line of basting stitch on the fold line. Choose a thread as close as possible in color to the fabric skirt. Sew the thread in one addition on the reverse side. Fold 0.5 cm of the edge of the hem inside, so the cut was in between the front of the skirt and hemming. Enter the thread in the fabric will catch 1-2 threads of the material of the front skirt, not pulling out a needle, grab a few strings of fabric, which is sutured. Gently pull the thread and the needle, tighten. Again grab a thread or two the front of the skirt, a few strands of ACC. So repeat in a circle. Do not overtighten the thread to the hem of the skirt is not "going". Upon completion Tutuila hem.
Use the lace, if the cut of the skirt allows. Handle on the sewing machine the contour of the hem stitching-zigzag, delete unnecessary threads. Fold the 1-1. 5 cm hem on the inside, Tutuila. Put lace from the wrong side to see it "peeking" out of the fold, sew a basting seam. Try to keep around the hem lace width were the same. Make on the sewing machine line, stepping back 1-2 mm from the edge of the bend of the main matter of the skirt. Remove the basting stitch.
Sew the hem the bias tape, you can buy in the store. This option is especially good if you need to handle the edge of the circle skirt. The bias tape you must first pristroit from the wrong side of the skirt, then carefully tack the facing side, lay the line on the sewing machine. For children's skirts, you can choose bake, contrasting colour to the main fabric of the skirt. The bottom of such skirt can be treated a small line of zigzag on the machine, made a small hem on the wrong side.