Take a wide rubber band, which will be used for the manufacture of a lush skirt of the tutu. Measure her waist, and girls, cut off the excess part. The two ends of the bands of the future Yucca sew firmly together. If desired, the seam can be done on the sewing machine, but it will be enough needle and thread.
Buy a piece of tulle (tulle, mesh). For the manufacture of skirt length of 25 cm you will need about three meters of fabric. Cut tulle strips the required length (skirt length 25 cm strips of the desired size of 50 cm). The width of the mesh can be chosen independently, it is usually from 10 to 20 cm.
To skirt tutu was more original, use tulle of multiple colors. It should be a close shades. For example, red, hot pink and pale pink. Will look good with the combination of white and light blue.
Place the sewn elastic on the legs of the chair, the better to strengthen her tulle ribbon. Tie them in a circle as close to each other, until the entire width of the gum does not fill completely. Knots to look neater, fold the cut strips in half and use boot two ends in a loop, received from addition. Skirt tutu with your hands get bigger, if you tie an ordinary knot, pulling one end of the fabric strip up, and that's the way to do top to the second node.
Fold the ribbon on the skirt, if necessary, trim the edges with scissors. If you want to get more interesting version of the Yucca, then cut strips of tulle make acute, rounded or scalloped edge.
Decorate the resulting lush skirt of satin ribbon or a flower made of tulle and beads.
So, you have got to sew full skirt tutu made of tulle with your hands. Let me try on your creation of the future Princess, she will be very happy with the new magic outfit.