Sew a pillow for wedding rings is simple — for this you will need silk or crepe satin, padding polyester for filling, satin ribbon, thread, glue, various beads, and decorative wire and decorative pins.
Take a piece of fabric of width 15 cm and length 30 cm Note when cutting fabric seam. Fold the fabric in half face inward to form a square of 15x15 cm
Sew the two sides of the square, leaving one side open. Remove the blank pads and through the open side of fill it with padding polyester. The remaining edge of the pads, carefully aligning manually and sew a hidden seam.
Of satin ribbon corresponding pad on the color scheme, tie a beautiful bow at its center point glue eight of the thin decorative wire. Then decorate the middle of the bow beautiful bead, gluing it with superglue.
Tips decorative wire adorn — nanizhite them beads or beads. Also you may want to cover a cushion fancy braid or lace.
In the center of the pads, insert the two decorative pins and put them on rings.
The decoration for wedding ceremony ready! On the same principle you can make the pillow any other color with additional decorations and accessories.