You will need
  • white tulle;
  • white calico;
  • - durable synthetic threads for sewing;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - braid;
  • - buttons and hooks.
Select suitable material. Most often the bottom of the skirt is made of tulle synthetic fabric mesh structure. If your dress is made of a heavy satin or taffeta, choose stiff tulle – it holds its shape well. Dress in fine silk requires a petticoat of a soft mesh that will not puff up, spoiling the silhouette. If your dress has attached petticoat with rings, you can wear it on top of an additional bottom skirt of soft tulle. Then the relief rings will not appear under the dress.
Pattern wedding podobnik very simple. It is based on the lower skirt A-shaped silhouette, on which is sewn the ruffles are the same width, but different lengths. The short frill is at waist, the longest – hem skirt.
Before you begin sewing, measure the length of the wedding dress. Petticoat should be shorter than him by several centimetres. Determine the desired width of petticoats – depends on length of future ruffles. Measure waist size.
Proceed to cutting. Make the skirt pattern-the basics. This may be a bell, a four-or restyline. Cut out skirt made of tulle or calico. The last option is preferable - hard mesh will not tear the stockings. Around waist leave a slit for zipper. The bottom skirt can be fastened with buttons or hooks. For greater reliability, sew a long ribbon that you want to tie around the waist.
Make some ruffles of tulle. The length of each is adjustable depending on the desired exuberance skirt. Bottom ruffle needs to be about three times wider than bases of the lower skirt. The width of the ruffles chosen as desired. Narrow ruffles give the skirt roundness and more volume, however they can bristling beneath the thin fabric of the dress. Longer create a smooth silhouette bells, but do not give excessive pomp. For petticoats need from 3 to 8 rows of ruffles.
Proceed to the Assembly podobnik. Each ruffle, sew on the narrow side to make a ring. Stitch the long edge on the machine, setting the maximum stitch length. Start prisborivat cloth, gently stretching the thread and evenly distribute the folds by hand.
Having achieved the desired width, clip the long thread, tying a few knots. Similarly, treat all cut ruffles. Baste or pin them to the skirt so that the top edge of the ruffles down below the weld attaching the next 4-5 centimeters.
Try on a petticoat along with a wedding dress. Walk around the room - underskirt should not be confused in the legs. If you are uncomfortable to move, in the bottom edge of the ruffles to sew the weighting - ring of desired size or a flexible wire. To do this, tuck the bottom edge of the ruffles and stitch a narrow drawstring. Pass it wire. Petticoat ready.