Start the day with a mug of strong green tea. This tea will cheer you up no worse coffee, but in this case does not harm the heart.
Drink 2 tablets under the name "green tea Extract" and a half tablet of ascorbic acid.
Drip 30 drops of tincture of ginseng in a glass of fresh grape juice or plain clean water. Then drink the resulting liquid.
Take 25 - 30 drops of the medicine "Kordiamin" and mix them with one teaspoon of tincture of lemongrass. Then drink this mixture and put under language a tablet of glycine.
Drink one Cup of coffee, but remember that you should not go for him. Three cups a day is more than enough.
Eat a small piece of salty cheese. After all, the salt also helps to increase the tone of blood vessels.
Use restorative natural products, such as: tincture of Eleutherococcus, Magnolia vine, leuzea, and ginseng. Take them for 20 or 30 drops 20 minutes before eating, three times per day, previously dissolved in a quarter Cup of water.
In the morning take a contrast shower. It is a good way to train the blood vessels, and also to prevent hypotension. When taking a shower alternate hot and cool water.
Sleep at least 7 - 8 hours and start the morning with a little physical exercises. After all, physical exercise can improve the blood circulation in your body, and strengthen your cardiovascular system.
Drink plenty of water, especially in hot weather. Blood pressure is lowered due to insufficient fluid in the body.
Do a vigorous rubbing and kneading of muscles of the legs and lumbosacral area and abdomen. Night in the supine position raise legs above the level of the location of the head.
Make acupressure point massage. In this case try to touch a point located midway between the top lip and nose.