Try hot-cold method for stimulating the circulation. Take two large pelvis. One of them is fill with very hot water and the other ice. Dip feet in hot water, and hands in the cold. Wait two minutes and then adjust the pots places, feet dip into the cold water, and hand – hot. Repeat this procedure several times, and then carefully RUB hands and feet with a towel.
If you have a sedentary job, try during the working day at least from time to time to get up, walk, breathing exercises, compress and unclench fingers of hands, to squat, to massage the limbs.
Before bed RUB and massage arms and legs, rubbing the skin rosemary oil. For one procedure will be enough and a few drops. This method of improving blood circulation in the extremities is particularly relevant in the cold season. If the summer treatment can be carried out 3-4 times per week, late fall, winter and early spring – preferably every night.
Eat foods that stimulate blood circulation. These include pineapples, ginger, garlic, oily fish etc Also to improve blood circulation you can use hawthorn extract: it is well dilates coronary arteries and blood vessels.
Avoid foods and drinks that constricts blood vessels. This also applies to coffee - even if you are very cold, do not try to warm up with this drink. He has a vasoconstrictor effect, therefore your attempts to warm up will lead to the opposite result.
Regular exercise, stimulating blood circulation. Sit down, cross your arms behind his neck and slowly turn your body 20 times in one direction and 20 times in another. Sit in a chair, holding hands on the edge of the table. Strongly squeeze with your fingers the top and pull forward then right foot, then left. After the exercise, sharply unclench your fingers.