Medicines to improve blood circulation

For the treatment of impaired circulation the doctors appointed angioprotectors. They improve metabolic processes in the vascular wall and normalize capillary permeability. Angioprotectors among the most effective are "Chimes," "Trental", "Pentoxifylline".

"Reopoliglyukin" - preparation of low molecular weight dextran, attracting from the intercellular space in the bloodstream the extra blood volume and improves blood flow.

"Vazaprostan - drug from the group of prostaglandin E1. It improves blood flow, elasticity of the red blood cells, microcirculation, and activate anticoagulative system of blood.

Calcium channel blockers are designed to improve cerebral circulation and have a cerebroprotective effect. These include "Cordaflex", "Cinnarizine", "Arifon".

Myotropic antispasmodics expand blood vessels, increase cerebral blood flow and exhibit high efficiency in spasm of cerebral vessels. Drugs in this group - "Cavinton", "no-Spa", "Aminophylline".

Folk remedies for improving blood circulation

People's treatment of poor circulation include periodic drink with ginger. For their preparation pour boiling water over a teaspoon of ginger, teaspoon of honey and a pinch of black pepper. Ginger drink warms and stimulates blood flow, especially in the legs. Black and red pepper, mustard and horseradish are good for the blood. These spices prevent thickening of the blood and help fight the syndrome of cold feet. Garlic in its natural form or in capsules also improves blood circulation.

Hawthorn nourishes with vitamins blood and strengthens the immune system. Hawthorn tincture is recommended to take 2 times a day 20 minutes before meals. Treatment with hawthorn complement complex composition of ginger and cinnamon, which enriches the blood with nutrients. Watermelon is good for your blood. It contains lycopene, which improves the quality of blood. Plant ginseng speeds up blood flow to the legs and increases the tone of blood vessels and body as a whole.

To treat poor circulation in the legs use the ointment with calendula or red pepper. It is applied to the feet in the absence of lesions on the skin.

Water treatment to improve circulation

Hot foot bath is an effective tool, proven for centuries. This procedure improves blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure. To improve the efficiency of baths for the feet can, adding water a little mustard powder, oregano or rosemary. Another variant of this procedure is to strengthen the blood vessels is a tray with black ground pepper and powdered ginger.

Hot compress has the same therapeutic effect as a foot bath. To the feet apply a compress soaked in hot water, leave for 3 minutes and then ice it. This alternation is repeated several times. Can also be taken alternately hot and cold shower. This method will improve blood circulation not only in the feet but throughout the body.