Please note fresh fruit and berries, especially red or blue color, as well as apricots, apples and citrus. They help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, enriches the body with vitamin C. It in turn, when injected into the artery to dissolve those deposits which causes narrowing of the blood vessels.
Eat onions and garlic, if they there are no contraindications. They prevent the formation of harmful substances thin the blood and prevent varicose veins.
Spend time on physical activities and sports. They have a beneficial effect on the entire system of blood circulation, improve metabolism in cells throughout the body, reinforcing the beneficial effects of vitamins. By the way, it should be noted that Jogging for 5 minutes, increases the effectiveness of vitamin C about 15 times. Because of this, to perform physical education classes, it is recommended to eat an Apple or drink a glass of juice.
Spill, take cold or contrast baths, walk in bath. This is a real exercise for vessels with beneficial effects for all capillaries.
Take turpentine baths zalmanova method of yellow and white. They are very effective for disease prevention and treatment of blood vessels. This turpentine is produced from pine or cedar resin - turpentine. It has an antiseptic effect, pronounced biological activity, has the properties of essential oils, penetrates through the pores of the skin, causing subtle biochemical processes disclosure of capillaries. But, it should be noted that to make such bath is possible after consultation with your doctor.
Use applicator Kuznetsova. Doctors suggest with it regularly to massage those body areas that often cause problems. Start with the lumbar-sacral area, then pay attention to the cervical, skin of chin, face, forehead, fingers and feet. With this massage much aktiviziruyutsya capillary circulation, restoring the elasticity of blood vessels.