When poor condition of the vascular system, the people feel weakness, unstable blood pressure, poorly tolerated heat, cold hands and feet, sometimes palpitations, and aching joints. It's all very unpleasant, but to deal with these conditions. Do not succumb to depression, take yourself in hand, and it worked.
Neurocirculatory dystonia is considered a neurosis. Most people suffering from this form of the disease, are pessimists and skeptics. Want to have healthy blood vessels – change in nature, try to see the beauty of the world, tune in to positive emotions. How you treat the world, depends on your health, think about it. Do not let such qualities as jealousy, fear and doubt to seize your heart.
The water will help to strengthen blood vessels. In the morning take a contrast shower, get a positive mood for the whole day. Evening shower will help to remove tiredness and sleep well. It is also useful from time to time to do a contrast foot bath. Visit the bath or sauna will also give a positive result in improving the condition of the vessel. Visit a bath at least 2-4 times a month.
Regular exercise, get in the gym, help to heal the vessels, if one follows the rule not to be overloaded, and do little but daily.
As for diet, when the weak vessels do not overeat. The overflow of the stomach causes weakness and dizziness. To eat better in small portions, and you need to drink a lot of, otherwise, blood would not circulate normally. There is a perception that coffee increases the tone of blood vessels. Everything is good in moderation, drink coffee, but little and not often. Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for people who dream to strengthen the vascular system, with the exception of bananas, they can lower blood pressure.
Enough sleep can restore good health of blood vessels, try to get some sleep and time to relax.