Work out. Most suitable for strengthening blood vessels is considered to be running. Good swimming and water aerobics, and dancing will eliminate the two causes of dystonia – stiffness and negative emotions. Classes should be regular, either daily for a quarter of an hour, or three to four times a week, but longer. Whichever activity you choose, the important thing is not to overdo it with the load.
Start to take a contrast shower. It is perfectly "trains" the blood vessels and contributes to the overall improvement. Another very useful in dystonia water treatment – bath. Contrast cold steam and cold water also is an excellent tonic for blood vessels.
Remember to follow any special diet. The diet need to include foods rich in vitamin C and iron (buckwheat, cranberries, apples, citrus, etc.). Is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. There are better in small portions – otherwise, the influx of a large amount of blood to fill the stomach (and consequently its outflow from other organs) can cause weakness, dizziness or even fainting. From drinks such as coffee and Coca-Cola, it is better to give up entirely. But pure non-carbonated water you can drink plenty and a half to two liters a day.
Use for strengthening blood vessels massage. You can learn some self-massage techniques aimed at restoring proper operation of the vascular system. For example, clench your fingers, and then pulling the hands in opposite directions, while "chain" is not open. The same repeat with the other fingers.
Use the massage Mat for feet. It can be put right next to the bed and massage your feet every time you get up. This procedure can be repeated throughout the day.
Learn to relax, allow yourself small pleasures. Fears, and dissatisfaction with oneself and life, the uncertainty around and inability to relax fully – binding factors in the development of weak vessels. Therefore, to strengthen them will be very useful for restful sleep, and the presence of a beloved hobby or socializing with friends.