Advice 1: How to get rid of wrinkles on the neck

Wrinkles on the neck can occur due to the fact that her skin is not receiving the necessary care. In addition, this body part has to move a lot. So if your neck muscles too weak, formation of "reliefs" are provided. To slow down the aging process of the skin and make the wrinkles less visible you will help special exercises, masks and compresses.
How to get rid of wrinkles on the neck
First of all get rid of those facial habits that brought the skin of the neck in this state. Do not tuck up your chin to your chest, try to keep your head slightly elevated. Choose a low pillow and proper posture for sleeping. No need to bury your face in the pillow!
The lack of motor activity of the neck muscles leads to their degradation. They become weak and flabby. This adversely affects the appearance of the neck. To avoid this, do small daily exercises. Start with simple movements such as turning your head left and right. Gradually introduce the complicating elements: turning neck to the right side, bend your head back. Do the same when you tilt and turn your head to the left.
This daily procedure will help you to get rid of the folds on the neck. Prepare two bowls with salt water – one hot and the other cold. Soak a towel in hot water, wring, take the ends and put it under the chin. Dramatically reduce and raise the ends of the towel, patting the neck area. After 5-6 taps soak a towel in a container with cold water. Repeat the above procedure. Follow these 6 approaches. Finish with a Pat of cold water. Lightly massage the neck cream.
Good result gives the mask of potato and cucumber juice. Boil a medium potato and RUB it on a grater. Add 2 tbsp. of cucumber juice. The resulting mixture is still warm should be applied to the neck, wrap with gauze and cellophane wrap and top wrap scarf. Length of procedure: 15 minutes.
The mask of egg white is an excellent home remedy for wrinkles on neck. Thoroughly clean the skin. Broad brush smear of protein on the neck and decollete, leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply a nourishing cream.
Make the neck compress of sour cream or olive oil. Keep 15 minutes, then rinse.
If the skin is sagged and deep wrinkles, homemade beauty treatments will not help. One of the most effective ways of dealing with pleats at the neck – skin lifting. This surgical method is safe and gives good lasting results.
You can also do contouring. In problem areas subcutaneously the doctor inserts a gel-fillers, which include hyaluronic acid. After the procedure the skin on the folds of the leveled and compacted. Such gels allow you to remove even the deepest wrinkles.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the crunch in the neck

To 20 years of life, almost everyone not involved in their health, the problems begin with the spine. Changes occur in the spinal column, consisting in the fact that the cartilaginous discs, consisting of a multilayer rigid ring and liquid nucleus pulposus in the middle, compressed, and the distance between the vertebrae decreases. Crunch appears in the spinal column, numbness, crawling and atrophy muscle with a pronounced weight loss of limbs.
How to get rid of the crunch in the neck
You will need
  • - gelatin;
  • - dead bees;
  • - the horizontal bar.
To reduce the crunch in the spinal column take gelatin daily. Soak 3 grams of food gelatin 50 ml of warm boiled water, leave it to dry or dissolve. Take once daily, preferably before bedtime, for 30 to 45 days. This simple procedure significantly improves the condition of all joints and connective tissues of the body than would negate the crunch in the neck.
For the treatment of prepare a tincture of bee subpestilence. Take a glass of dead bees and the Gulf half a liter of vodka, put the dishes with the composition in a dark place for 21 days. Strain and squeeze through a double-cheesecloth biological substrate, pour in the can that store with no access to bright light. Take cooked medium teaspoon three times a day, diluted in 30 ml of boiled water, until the composition. After 4-5 months can repeat the course of treatment. The extract of bees, being a biological stimulator, contains a large number of chitin, which perfectly strengthens the connective and bone tissue.
Do a set of exercises aimed at stretching the spine and strengthening the muscles of the back, sustain spinal column. Start with simple exercises: circular movements with the pelvis, flexion-extension of the hands, stretching, etc.
With the strengthening of back muscles perform three basic exercises that will help to support the spine in a flexible state for a long time. These exercises: push-UPS, shallow squats and "Bicycle". In conclusion, compound exercises do vis on the bar for 30-50 seconds, which will stretch the spine and crunching will not be anywhere. Gymnastics should be simple and deliver an engaging training routines.
The crunch in the neck is evidence of considerable degenerative changes in the spinal column and the next stage of development of this phenomenon is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
Useful advice
For strengthening and rehabilitation of the spine often it is recommended to take cranberry and lingonberry fruit drinks, jelly and jellies, dairy products containing large amounts of calcium, turnips, cabbage, beans, carrots and greens.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of redness of the eye protein

Surely you at least once in his life faced with the redness of the eyes, with tiny blood vessels on surface of the protein are expanding. The reasons for this may be a whole lot. To get rid of this problem and give your eyes a healthy look independently at home.
How to get rid of redness of the eye protein
You will need
  • - Artificial tears in the form of droplets;
  • medicinal drops;
  • - ice;
  • - tea brew;
  • - chamomile medicinal.
There are many reasons that can cause redness of the eyeball. Among them are the following: fatigue as a result of work that is associated with eye strain, frequent sleep deprivation; climatic factors; stay indoors with the a / C; allergic reactions; inflammation and infection of the eyes; scleritis, a chronic disease; foreign bodies in the eye (debris, dust, eyelash); long stay in front of the monitor or TV.
If redness of the eyes caused by fatigue after working at the computer, then you can help artificial tears that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Such drops moisturize the eye to help reduce inflammation and burning. If you wear contact lenses, then you will help moisturizing drops, which perform the same function as artificial tears.
Instantly remove the redness of the eye protein, using medicated eye drops, which are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Such drops include: "Murin", "visine", "Sofradeks". These drops contain the active vasoconstrictor substance that quickly relieves redness of the eye. So if you have important or business meeting, you can use one of the listed drugs. But remember that abuse these drops are not worth it, they can be used only in extreme cases. If your eyes are chronically red, then it is necessary to find out the cause of this problem, seek the advice of a optometrist or ophthalmologist.
To get rid of red eyes will help a cold compress, it narrows the blood vessels. Wrap in clean cotton cloth in ice cubes and apply to your closed eyes for twenty to thirty minutes. You can just wet the cloth in cold water and make a compress on the eye. For these purposes, often used welding. Soak a few cosmetic discs strong infusion of tea, apply lotion to the closed eyelids for five minutes. This procedure soothes and refreshes your eyes.
Chamomile tea will help reduce the redness of the eyeballs. The recipe for the infusion is quite simple: two tablespoons of medicinal chamomile pour a glass of boiling water, cover and leave for forty minutes. Lukewarm infusion of strain, soak in it a cotton swab, apply to the eyes for twenty minutes.
Keep in mind that the assistance of national resources must be used only in the case if you have no symptoms of serious diseases of the eye.

Advice 4 : What if the neck blew

If you have lost the neck, to the former lifestyle is unlikely to succeed – all movements will be limited and stiff, and turning the head will experience severe pain. A visit to the doctor in such a situation is required.
What if the neck blew

First aid for pain in the neck

If you inflated a neck, you must first relax the neck muscles. This needs to be done immediately, before the doctor's visit. In any case it is not necessary to take drugs – pain they will be removed, but will not solve the problem. So, when purged the neck, first apply a warming ointment, provided by dry heat, the massage, not made sudden movements.

Pick up a good anti-inflammatory drug. When cold the neck cream will activate blood circulation in the affected location and provide good blood flow to the sore muscles. Provide dry heat. This wrap neck thick warm wool scarf or a large shawl. This is best done immediately after applying the ointment.

If the ointment is not available, use a hot compress. To do this, heat the pan the salt, pour in a small cloth pouch. Once the salt warms up, apply it to the affected area. It is important that the salt was not very hot, otherwise the burn can not be avoided.

If I get a stiff neck, do everything to relax the neck muscles. This will fit all known techniques, including massage and special exercises. For seat choose only solid chairs and chairs – it also affects the condition of the body.

Prevention of exacerbations is possible

Even when you get rid of acute neck pain, keep the neck warm scarves, scarves and shawls. The neck need some time to restore a kind of rehabilitation period. This protection will prolong the therapeutic effect and will prevent the likelihood of recurrence of disease.

Take more often a shower – the warmth will help the affected muscles. Use heating pads, in this case, they are irreplaceable. It is advisable not to make drastic and sudden movements – this applies not only to the neck, but the body as a whole. If you smoke, it is better to give up the habit, because nicotine minimizes defenses, and will only get in the way of successful healing. Continue to perform the exercises. Specially designed exercises to do gently and smoothly. But do not overload the muscles, otherwise the pain will resume.

Products to treat the neck alone is not recommended. In this case, help intensive, well-designed treatment. Therefore, once the symptoms manifested themselves, rush to the nearest hospital to the physician.
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