Before you can remove fat with blades fully consider program your workouts, because too much load not only can rid you of fat under the shoulder blades, but and make muscle mass, which is completely useless to a woman unless she is engaged in bodybuilding. To make your back slim and toned, all the exercises do often, but with minimal loads.
Oddly, the most effective remedy which will help to remove excess weight and tighten the back is running and swimming. This is the most usual exercises that we can perform daily. Accordingly, join a pool and get up early to do my morning run. Swimming warms up muscles, as a very actively working the shoulders and arms. As a result, the fat is gradually disappearing. Running also involves constant motion with his hands, causing the fat to disappear. The main rule in this situation – do not allow passive stress on the back.
To remove fat under the blades you can also use the power loads. Before you start training in the gym, always consult with your instructor, ask him to find the optimal set of exercises to achieve the desired result. For the back there are a lot of special equipment, so you will have something to do.
In addition, you can do without the use of simulators. To remove excess fat on the shoulder blades and strengthen your back, perform the following exercises: lie on a flat bench, on your back, take in the hands of not very heavy dumbbells and arms out to the side. Inhaling, bring hands together above head, exhale, breed them to the floor as low as possible.
As mentioned above, exercises for fat under the blades to zero do quite often, but with a small power loads. For such purposes, ideal for dumbbells that weigh less than 2 kg. Make several approaches, each with 25-30 lifts his hands. Constantly alternate strength training with running and swimming and soon you will notice the result.