You will need
  • - Internet connection
  • browser Google Chrome
No doubt, Google translate is a very useful feature, but sometimes there are situations when you want to disable it. For example, if you wish to open a foreign site, you may get a rectangular shape that covers the upper part of the text. It is therefore very important to be able to block the ability to automatically translate pages. This can be done only if there is an Internet connection.
Run it on your PC browser Google Chrome. Russian-language name only has the latest version of the application. Once the window opens, you need to find the toolbar. Next, you click on the button "customize and control Google Chrome". Icon function represents the gray silhouette of a wrench.
After performing these actions will open a window with additional features. From the options select "Options".
After a few seconds you should see the basic settings page. If this happens, refresh it using F5, or use the function on a computer monitor "Refresh this page". Disable Google translate in two ways:
Use the search option on the left side of the screen the basic settings. To do this you must enter the necessary information in the form "search Options".
Select the General settings category "Additional". After performing this action will open a window with various settings that can be edited. Find translation function. Next, you need to uncheck the special features of Google to "Offer translation of pages, if I don't speak the language in which they are written." If necessary, you can also enable it again. To do this, perform all the above steps but tick you want to remove, and put.