Bright, beautiful and original costume birches can be made from scrap materials, while maintaining the recognizability of the image and giving it a distinctive Slavic motifs.


The easiest costume sew birch on the basis of a tunic. From white cotton or silk fabric sewing the likeness of a long shirt, after which she applied black stripes, cross-hatching, depicting the bark. To draw the strokes can be with acrylic paint after drying and fixing with the help of Ironing it with a warm iron, suit can be washed without fear of smearing of the bands. If acrylic paints on hand, like gouache, but you need to remember that this type of paint can not withstand washing.

Headpiece, complementing suit, made with broad green ribbon, to which is sewn or attached with paper clips long branches of artificial plants. Also as the basis for the leaves can serve as a cardboard blank, painted colors and decorated with branches of birch and imitation earrings.

The suit on the basis of long skirts

To make a costume of birches on the basis of a long white skirt and green blouse. Video, attached skirt of white material represents the trunk of a birch, gives the figure slim. Black marker or paints for fabric for the skirt applied to a narrow strip.

Green blouse plays the role of the crown of the tree. Collar shirts can be decorated with homemade ornaments carved from clay: beads, necklaces, pendants. The headpiece is carved in a green peaked cap, made of several wedges. The edge of the beanie is decorated with imitation birch earrings or fringed suede strips with beads on the ends.

Complements costume transparent cloak made of polyethylene with taped green velvet leaves and accented with suede strips that mimic branches. Due to the transparency of capes, his pattern is well visible from all sides and gives the costume the greatest efficiency.

The suit on the basis of the sundress

Bright, elegant suit made of shiny green satin. To do this, sew a simple cover for Russian sarafan: either the yoke, or simply stitched on the side seams cloth straps. In the center, the top and the hem of the sundress sew a decorative ribbon pattern with Slavic motifs. If you find this tape difficult, you can replace it with a fabric insert in the middle of the sundress is white with black stripes. A sundress to wear a white blouse or shirt, lined with black stripes.

The headpiece is performed in the shape of a wreath with leaves: the basis is made of wire or sturdy cardboard, weave artificial plants or glued leaves cut from green velvet paper. Instead of a wreath can be made with a high headdress, decorated with leaves and catkins. Completes the image of the birches green or white silk scarf.