Find out information about your personal account in the MTS in one of several ways. Try to call the company support number 0890, and then wait for the response of the operator. Ask what services you have connected to, and why account fast the money goes. The call is free within a user's network.
Take advantage of Internet-helper. To do this, go to the official website of MTS, and then click on the login link in the personal Cabinet of the subscriber. If you did not, you must obtain a login and password for access. Click on "Get password" and follow the instructions on the screen. As a result, your phone number will receive a message with login and password. As an alternative, you can dial on your phone *111*25# and follow the instructions. Also try to call the number 1115 for receiving data for signing in to your personal account.
Click on the "Internet assistant" in your account. Go to the "Rates, services and discounts", where the tab "service Management". You will see a list of services that are connected on your rate. You can disable the unnecessary ones to reduce the cost of mobile communications. In addition, you can use statistics to figure out what the sum of money debited from the account for the past few weeks.
Think will not be issued if you are suspicious of a subscription to any Internet sites. Sometimes certain resources are asked to provide a phone number to complete your registration or obtain access to any of the harmless services, but actually from your account begins to be charged a certain amount every day. To identify and disable unwanted subscription you can in your account or by contacting specialists in your nearest MTS office.