Find the list of branches of Sberbank on the phone-free hotline 8-800-555-55-50 or on the official website Before heading to the office, don't forget to bring your passport, which should stand the print of registration by place of residence (without this you will not be able to have the savings account). You may have to stand in line for a long time. According to a survey carried out by the administrators of the official website of Sberbank, it became clear that people do not like to go to the Bank because of long queues.
During working hours office go to the window to see a specialist and tell him that you want to have a savings account. In turn, the Bank employee will ask you what purpose you plan to start a savings account. Don't worry, this issue will not be anything illegal – specialist based on your answer to the question will offer the best banking service.
On account of the passbook you'll have to charge a sum of not less than ten rubles (want – make more, it all depends on your desire and goals to create account). It is a prerequisite when opening an account. No Commission for account maintenance, the savings Bank you will not take.
Tell the operator the amount of the minimum fee that you want to do. Some areas do have offices, but in most cases the money from you takes the operator and is credited to your account. A note on the contribution of the money you will see in the passbook, as it displays all cash transactions.
If you want to open a savings account for social benefits – take for these purposes, the employee Bank details of the branch. On the title page of a passbook will be given your account number.
Even the savings Bank may require you to return the taxes. It is therefore important to inform the operator the actual purpose of the account.