When buying non-residential premises, first of all, you need to find out who is the owner of the premises. The premises may belong by right of ownership, both physical and legal entity. It is from this factor will depend on the list of documents required for the transaction of purchase and sale. Transactions involving legal entities that require specific knowledge of the law, that's why, it is recommended to place the transaction with the involvement of a qualified lawyer or notary certify the transaction.
If the owner is a natural person, before the transaction it is necessary to check the title and right supporting documents on the premises. These documents are: the agreement of purchase and sale of share participation in construction documents on privatization, the transfer to non-residential premises, a certificate of ownership, etc. the Study of technical and cadastral passport on object of real estate, will help to establish the compliance of the object parameters in the field and documented.
The extract from the unified state register of rights for real estate will help to eliminate burdens and restrictions imposed on the property. If the seller is or was married at the time of acquisition or sale of real estate, it is necessary to present a notarised consent of the spouse to sale of real property or a notarized waiver of property claims from a former spouse. The property owner must submit the document proving the identity.
If the owner of the property is a legal person, the number of documents for the transaction is greatly increased. In addition to the previously listed documents to the property, you will need a full package of documents on the seller. You must require the constituent documents of the legal person - the constituent Treaty, the Protocol or the decision on establishment, articles of organization with all amendments and modifications thereto, to confirm the powers of the Executive body (the head of the organization).
The seller must submit a certificate of balance cost of the property, as well as a certificate of category of transaction for a legal person. If the transaction is big, then you need the consent of the founder, founders on the transaction. Not too much to ask that fresh extract from the unified state register of legal entities, it will help to check the bin, TIN, legal address, powers of the Director and making the recent changes.