At the legislative level, there is no rule which be prescribed prior to the conclusion of the lease agreement to obtain the written consent of neighbors. However, it is recommended to ask them at least the oral permission for the moving of the tenant, because the latter won't like it if the neighbors will start to obstruct his move of not giving access in common areas, if not to change the lock at the front door. It is advisable to coordinate with them if a new resident has a small child or large pet, because the baby may cry at night, and the dog or cat to contaminate the hallway and kitchen.
The terms of surrender of the people directly depend on the ownership rights of its owner. If it has no "green stuff", and the housing belongs to him only on social employment, you will sign a contract acquires a number of regulations. First, you must obtain written permission to reinstate the true owner of local authorities. Second, the neighbors ' consent becomes binding. And, thirdly, it is appended with the agreement of living together with the main owner family members, and if some of them are of a minor or incompetent, and the guardianship and guardianship. The sublease becomes impossible if the norm in providing for every person living in the apartment, laid him 18 sq. m.
The lease should be spelled out the location and size of premises, amount, method and timing of entering of money resources designed to pay user charges (in cash, via Bank account). Unlike an ordinary contract, the document is about putting the people must have a point about the rules of use of the corridor, kitchen and bathroom, that is a rough schedule of when residents take a bath and wash, cook in the kitchen and wash the floor. This column should be agreed with neighbors. Prescribed paragraph, at whose expense are repairs and Troubleshooting, wiring and plumbing.
If the term of the contract is a year or more, it must be registered at the local branch of Rosreestr. Without this document will be considered invalid. In order not to complicate its execution time can be reduced, for example, up to 11 months and on its expiry to renew the contract at the same time. In case of violation of one of its points of failure to make payment or you can terminate the contract or go to court.