You will need
  • Balloons, paper, paint, markers, flowers, stationery, buttons, thread, caps, confetti.
Agree with the rest of the staff that you choose to take associates, and come half an hour earlier than comes the hero of the occasion. For other the reliability of the lock inside the door.
We split up into groups. One group will present a flipchart, markers and paints and let them draw the birthday poster. Importantly, the inscription was as bright and noticeable. And watch out for literacy, to have failed, as in the famous TV series, poster "bleem!".
The other group will do with balloons. The number of balls can match the age of the birthday boy, or take as many balls as you have in the Cabinete of the places where they can bind.
When these preparations are complete, take the thread and buttons. Hang on the wall. Is possible opposite the entrance, and directly above the working place of the celebrant, no one had any doubt who the birthday boy. The balls of thread and tie to the handles of the wardrobe or fold "newborn" under the table, so that they came to your colleague, when he would move the chair and tries to sit in his place.
If the birthday boy or woman, make sure in advance about the bouquet of flowers. Take the vase and put the bouquet on her Desk.
Now, when all preparations are complete, unlocks the door to the office, wear a party hat (you can buy them in any supermarket) and hide under the tables. When the birthday boy comes in, the whole team can jump out from cover and throw confetti.